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Matched Color Spray Cans

We offer your automobiles color in a spray can. Each can contains 12 ounces of paint. Matched colors are available in automotive enamel or basecoat. Basecoats must be clearcoated.

We do our very best to ensure the closest match possible to your vehicle. However, you should check the match before applying to your vehicle by spraying a small test panel. There are many reasons why the original chip would not exactly match your car. These include fading, repaints, darkening, and factory variations. Many colors, especially metallics and pearls, will need to be blended into the existing paint to produce a seemless match. This is due to how the paint lays onto the panel. We do offer a paint matching service, just call for details.

The paint we use is real automotive enamel or basecoat used everyday in body shops. As such, it is not a fast drying paint. It should also be sprayed over primer, never bare metal. Also, just as an automotive paint job would require 2-4 coats to cover, the same is true with automotive paint spray cans.

Spray cans cost $19.95 each plus shipping. Please specify enamel or basecoat.

Matched Color:

Please include the year, make, and paint code of your car. Or email or call us at (623) 931-2421.